About Sunsquatch

Sunsquatch is an ancient, magical being that wandered out of the North Woods of Maine into our modern world.

We aren't sure exactly how old Sunsquatch is, or if there were once many Sunsquatches, but we are surely glad we lived to see the day one arrived in civilization.

While shy and furtive, Sunsquatch is also jolly and silly and loves to play outside with other sun lovers. Sunsquatch is saddened by the strain placed upon the natural world, but cannot help but be joyful about the multitude of people who are working for change.

ReVision and Sunsquatch had a lot of fun collaborating to create a wide variety of clothing and goodies, so that we may all spread a simple, sunny message of hope together.

Every order of Sunsquatch gear sends $5 toward the "Solar on Every School" initiative. Sunsquatch and ReVision feel strongly about the symbolism of solar-powered children's education!