About Sunsquatch

Maybe you've seen them in the corner of your eye, on a sunny day or atop a neighbor's roof. No, not Sasquatch. Sunsquatch!

But who is this mystical, magical being? Where do they come from? Why are they here? 

Sunsquatch is an ancient, powerful being that wandered out of the North Woods of Maine into our modern world. Some say they are a drop of the sun that grew arms and legs, sent from the cosmos to teach the kids of earth about the future.

We aren't sure exactly how old Sunsquatch is, but we know they hold all the wisdom of the earth. They're here now and have joined ReVision in spreading that awesome, exciting knowledge about the power of the sun and how it can create a better world. You can learn a bit more about the day Sunsquatch emerged from the woods on our video page.

While shy and furtive, Sunsquatch is also jolly and silly. They love to play outside with other sun lovers. While saddened by the strain placed upon the natural world, Sunsquatch cannot help but be joyful about the multitude of people who are fighting for change.

Come join Sunsquatch on their mission and help spread a simple, sunny message of hope together.