Activities for Kids

Do you want to draw your vision of a better world? Do you know how solar panels work? Do you want to help Sunsquatch find their way out of a tricky maze? We have awesome activities, coloring pages, and learning guides for you to test your brainpower and creativity!

Sunsquatch Activity Book

Stuck inside on a rainy day? Don't worry, Sunsquatch is here to bring you plenty of fun facts and activities to help you test what you know!

Use your knowledge and creativity to learn, solve puzzles, and bring color to Sunsquatch's world, from the honey bees you may see in your backyard, to as far away as the sun itself.

Download the PDF to print and fold into an awesome activity book. Put your knowledge and creative brain to the test!

Download the Activity Book Here!


Sunsquatch Challenge & Coloring Pages

Sunsquatch needs you! These challenges won't solve themselves, and the pages all need some color. Can you help?

Find the solar power terms in the word search and use them to help complete the facts about solar power.

Then, bring some color to Sunsquatch's world. Grab your markers, pencils, and pens, and join Sunsquatch on their challenge to make a sunnier, brighter world!

Download the Challenge Pages Here!

Download the Coloring Pages Here!


Sunsquatch Guides for Kids

There's much to learn and even more to do to help build a better world for our friends and future generations! Luckily, Sunsquatch has made educational guides full of learning material for kids.

There are so many ways kids can get involved in making our planet a little healthier and happier. Check out the guides below for some ideas. Start a compost pile at home, or learn how to protect our pollinators. 

Download our Guide to Composting Here!

Download our Guide to Protecting Pollinators Here!