Videos & Webinars

Welcome to our video archive for students and Sunsquatch seekers!
Watch our educational series for kids covering a range of topics, from how solar works to the amazing animals in our own backyards. Plus, we have some fun Sunsquatch sightings on their adventures around New England. Enjoy!


Learning Webinars


Webinar 1: Solar Q&A for Students


Webinar 2: Solar Mythbusting




Webinar 3: Milkweed & Monarchs


Webinar 4: A Lamb is Born on the Farm Tour!




Webinar 5: Backyard Birding with Maine Audubon


Webinar 6: SolaRISE & Youth Activism with Siri Pierce




Webinar 7: How to Become a Wildlife Biologist


Webinar 8: Learn About Marine Mammal Rescue



Sunsquatch Videos


Where Does Sunsquatch Come From?


Sunsquatch Learns a New Way to Zip Around




Sunsquatch Enjoying a Community Solar Farm