Sunsquatch & Badger: A Poem

Written & Drawn by Lyndsay Ulin


It began in the woods in afternoon light
Where Sunsquatch sat musing, contemplating a plight
At fur full of brambles they brushed and they pried
To loosen the knots in which it was tied

And pondered there if combed hair was in sight.

Life out of doors the forest creature knows
Is a struggle for those with a pale hairless nose
For even there ‘mongst the tall pines and the mushrooms
The long sunny day had lent burns in red blush-hues

On Sunsquatch’s face, growing rosier while the sun dipped low.

As Sunsquatch sat combing and making a racket
Along came a Badger holding a basket
His nose to the ground looking for roots
He nearly tripped over poor Sunsquatch’s boots

(Figuratively speaking – for if Sunsquatch wears shoes we don’t have to ask it).

The two shared a glance inherently seeking
The badger’s raised eyebrow questioned their meeting
With inquiring gaze – what on earth was the matter –
Why this happy sun-creature so scruffy and tattered

Was grimly reposed while their hair unpleating?

Sunsquatch’s reply illustrated their duty
I will not harm Earth for the sake of my beauty!
I may not look pretty – I’ll take it I guess
If it will give Earth a small bit of rest

From chemical poisons, no need to be snooty!

The badger then smiled, for this he knew well
No kind creature would harm the earth where we dwell
And he drew from his basket an array of balms
Which he gave to the Sunsquatch as if they were alms

To cure the dishevelment our Sunsquatch befell.

Beeswax and wintergreen soothed their rough hands
‘Longside oils and herbs brought from far lands
That made all their fur so soft and shiny
You’d’ve thought that our Sunsquatch never started off grimy

While cooling aloe diminished the sun’s hot brands.

When Sunsquatch realized they were quite ecstatic
With thanks that were both profuse and emphatic
Badger’s natural gifts the sun-being repaid
With clean electricity, all solar-made

For earth-friendly power’s not just idiomatic.

And so it is that this happy tales ends
With Sunsquatch and Badger become fast friends
And if nothing else that this story is worth
At least remember when we heal the Earth

Us kind creatures Earth also mends.